Saturday, January 05, 2008


My son asked Santa for a kite for Christmas and miraculously he brought not only my son a kite, but my daughter too! This is very appropriate in Japan at around this time as it seems to be the traditional time to get outside to fly kites. The fact that it is the coldest time of the year (we have had a couple of light snow falls over the New Year) seems relatively appropriate due to the amount of running that is needed when there is no wind. Fortunately the other day the wind did arrive and the children had a great time standing still flying their kites.
With only 2 more sleeps left till we leave for New Zealand the preparations are well under way. Usually I leave all the packing till the last minute, but this year the children are so excited I have had to pack their bags days ago to keep them quiet. Lucky we are heading to summer......

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