Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another week gone

Another week has gone... not so many left now. We had yet another good weekend, despite constant rain. My grand parents and aunt & uncle came down to visit on Saturday so we had 4 generations of females in the same house at the same time again. It was great to see the children being so proud of their reading ability etc. and enjoying reading to their grandparents! Of course it was also really good to have another excuse to go out for dinner again too. It was a shame that we couldn't see them for longer, but it was great to catch up anyway.

Sunday was still raining so we went swimming again at the indoor pool (or the children did) and then went to another museum - this time the Early Settlers Museum in Dunedin. My daughter is now very excited each time we go to a museum to find a big piece of the greenstone at the entrance which she believes will make her into a "good girl" if she touches it. Wouldn't it be nice if it worked for longer than half an hour..... The other thing that seems to be at all the museums here are the old pennyfarthing bikes that the children can ride. I'm sure at this rate we will be able to take the training wheels off and let them loose before we go back to Japan!

Last week I had one nice lazy day where all I really did was go to some beautiful gardens and read my book. There are plenty of great gardens in Dunedin so here's hoping there will be a few more days like that before we leave!

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