Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taieri Gorge Train

Yet another snap decision saw me take the children on the Taieri Gorge Train in the weekend. It is a great train journey that takes you through some great scenery and some pretty amazing tunnels etc. that were all carved by hand over 100 years ago. There is commentary for the entire 4 hours it takes to go to the turn around point and back to the great Dunedin railway station and although the commentary can get a little tedious at times you can escape it by going out onto the platforms of the train for a breath of fresh air. They do tell you some interesting stories too if you can hear it above the noise of the train and the children"s "chatter". The trip was even more enjoyable due to the fact that we had one carriage all to ourselves for the first half of the trip - the children made the most of it by making huts under the seats, running from up and down the carriage etc.
Another nice outing on another beautiful day! And look folks - I was even there too!

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