Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yellow eyed penguins

Today a snap decision was made and after school we packed a picnic tea and headed back to Sandfly bay to see if we could spot a few yellow eyed penguins on their way back home for the night.
On the walk down the beach towards the hides we saw one penguin which was still there when we returned a few hours later... I think it was just enjoying the beautiful weather! We also saw another one while we were at the hide which made its way up the rocks and up a very steep hill to its nest. I wonder if it was as tired as we were by the time we got back to our car! A nice evening out to start the Easter break.

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  1. Mickey10:20 AM

    The TV program "Sekai Fushigi Hattken" broadcasted about NZ eco tour last Saturday.
    I really want to go to NZ again.