Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter bunny comes hopping along

For anyone who didn't know it is currently the Easter break here. Although Easter is really a religious holiday it has become a very commercialized time of year here now with Easter eggs (made of chocolate of course) being a major focus. The shops are full of them.....
"Traditionally" on Easter Sunday the Easter bunny comes hopping along and delivers Easter eggs to all the children. This morning the Easter Bunny went to great extremes to give the children a good time and actually made an Amazing Race (or a Treasure hunt) where the children had to follow clues to find where the eggs were hiding. They had a great time running around my mother's enormous garden, into the glasshouse, to where the frogs live, into the chicken food (fortunately the dried kind!) etc. and collecting their chocolate eggs in their own hand-made baskets. Thanks Easter Bunny for a fun start to the morning!

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