Thursday, July 24, 2008

3 day camp

After getting to kindergarten before 6am on Sunday, making the children's breakfast (with help from some other mothers of course) I drove straight to Yamaguchi to run a 3 day programme for a group of 25 4th and 5th grade students. The drive should have taken me only about 3 hours, but due to the fact that I took the wrong branch at a junction on the highway I took quite a long and expensive detour (you can't just do a u-turn on the highways - you have to find an exit, pay your fee and then get on again and pay again!). I eventually arrived at the camp 2 minutes before I had to start the programme. Ooops!
It is a group that I work with every year, although there were a lot of new members this year. The main highlight is always the outdoor cooking - this year pizzas and baked apples cooked in/on an old 40 gallon drum. I'm thinking it might be faster to make one like this for our house too rather than waiting for our pizza oven to be built! Water balloons were also a big hit - the only problem being that the final game - "war" turned out to be a "25 vs 1" battle. I would have to say I came off worse than most of the children! No complaints really though as it was yet another blistering hot day!

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