Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Holidays again

Sorry about the lack of blog entries lately... a very busy time! I'll try to catch them up a little over the next few days. Until then a little insight into the summer holidays here. My daughter is now officially in summer holidays (44 days in total....) so we are finding things to do each day so we don't drive each other crazy. Today we made "melon bread" which is very popular in Japan. I don't think I've ever eaten it in New Zealand, but it is basically a plain bread which you wrap a kind of cookie dough around before you let it rise and bake it. They weren't too bad for our first ever effort!
My son doesn't have holidays yet, but he is in holiday mode... today he jumped off the school bus holding his new pet - a stag beetle. He found it on a tree at kindergarten and played with it all day before bringing it home (in his bare hands), making it a house and feeding it a banana. Stag beetles are a very popular pet here in the summer. I have no idea why, but boys go crazy over them and you can buy them at many different shops - along with all the accessories a stag beetle could ever need. Special jelly to feed them, special houses, special toys etc. The prices of the rare beetles can go into the thousands of dollars.... a shame they never last the winter!

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