Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kindergarten overnight stay

This is my son's last year at kindergarten and one of the major events for the year is their overnight stay at kindergarten with all their classmates and the teachers. Although no parents were allowed to stay the night there were plenty of jobs to keep us busy - the children helped to cut the vegetables for the huge pots of curry and then in the evening there was dancing and singing around a bonfire followed by fireworks then a quick dip in the pool for the children in lieu of a bath. I left at about 10pm after helping to clean up all the dinner dishes etc. and starting the breakfast preparations and the children were all still running wild around their "bedroom". I'm guessing they all tired themselves out at some stage as when I arrived back at 6am to make breakfast (the joys of being the stupid chairperson) they were all sound asleep.
The next day was spent swimming at a pool before partaking in the great Japanese invention of noodles down the bamboo pipe. The fathers cut the bamboo and constructed the noodle slide and the children had a great time scooping out the noodles and slurping them down. The children all seemed to have a really good 2 days and somehow the teachers and parents survived too. Fun while it lasted, but good to be over!

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