Sunday, October 04, 2009

9th Birthday

Today was my daughter's ninth birthday (yes Grandad, 9th birthday...). Possibly for the first time in her life her birthday fell on a Sunday AND I didn't have any work etc. and therefore not only could we have her birthday party on her real birthday, but we could also even prepare for it a little. It turned out to be a reasonably relaxed day with the kids running around playing outside and the parents (and aunt and uncle) being able to have at least some reasonable conversation while eating far too much sweet food! Unfortunately my husband had to work all day so only really got home in time to say goodbye to everyone and therefore there are not really many photos of the day. If you have any good ones Megan it would be great if you could send them my way!
Thanks to all those who came to share Emily's day. She really enjoyed it and was in bed by 7:30pm - exhausted!


  1. Wow Jo- you made that cake? It's amazing! As is getting alphabet candles in Japan and are those cookies on sticks in the foreground? Wow....

    Happy 9th birthday Emily. May you have a fabulous year.

  2. Thank you very much - and for the cool take home boxes! Marina was zonked in the car before we even got to the main road!! Ryu not far behind.

    Thanks for all the yummy goodies, coffee and cake. Ate far too much, and I need to get your chocolate eclair recipe and the bread one.

  3. Wow, that cake is spectacular! It must have taken hours to make! My eldest turns 9 tomorrow - where do the years go?

  4. Gosh Jo, an amazing cake! Copied or original?What kind of cake underneath-did anyone notice!!

  5. DAwn -again!!12:18 PM

    Hey I actually got through!!! What was so different this time that everything on my computer,computed!!!

  6. thefukases: it was my daughter who spied the alphabet candles in a hardware store and threw them in the basket before I could even comment on them! Handsman... if you have that store nearby! And yes... they are cookies on sticks in the foreground. Fun to make and eat!
    Katy: thank you for coming! Eclairs recipe... Edmonds book (do you have it?). Bread....I'll try to remember to e-mail it to you tonight
    Anchan - the years definately race by - half a blessing and half very sad!
    Dawn - good to see you here! Original cake design - just kind of grew as it was being iced.... chocolate fudge cake (from a packet...) underneath. Not really sure if it was noticed or not, but I enjoyed leftovers for a couple of days!

  7. You made the prettiest birthday cake Jo!