Monday, October 19, 2009

New Pets

You may remember that my son bought himself a stag beetle for his birthday. Unfortunately it died a few weeks ago (as they always do at this time of year) and so we decided to replace it a little more cheaply... by going and finding lots of big, juicy stag beetle larva and putting them in his "observation" case. They are actually quite interesting - if you like watching big, juicy things crawling around and tunneling. As interesting as they are though I was more than happy to hear my son say that he really only needed to bring home 5 of the 50 or so we found! If they develop properly then perhaps next year he can start a new business....
In other news - all the DVDs have been watched and the puzzle completed. Unfotunately I bought myself a new Sudoku book.... just in case I need some more distracting from all the work that is piling up around the place!


  1. yuck Jo, that's disgusting. Please tell me they are in Masaki's room and not downstairs?? Gross.

    But if it works can you get Shou some next year!

    New DVD - season five is on the way! Just in case you needed more :)

    How is your week? Busy?

  2. You see a big ugly grub and a kid smiling fit to burst and you just know you're in Japan!

    Good luck raising them.