Thursday, October 01, 2009

Egg Sizes

Last night I was trying to work out how many grams "one cup of butter" is - why anyone would use cups as the form of measurement for butter, especially when they aren't talking about melted butter, is beyond me. The Internet is an amazing thing, but as the size of cups is different in just about every country in the world, until you can work out which country the website is written in it becomes very confusing as to which cup measurement they are quoting. After a long time of searching I think I discovered that one cup of butter (NZ measurements ie 250ml) is about 250 grams. Please correct me if I am wrong!
Anyway, while I was trying to work all that out I got on to the size of eggs as well. I hadn't really thought much about the size of eggs until we got our chickens, but now that we get different sized eggs each day I find it really interesting. The other day we got our biggest egg yet - a whopping 97 grams, which was of course a double-yolker. Just in case you don't know a "jumbo" sized egg in America is classified as more than 71 grams. The egg on the right hand side of the picture is about 70 grams.... In other words it was a whopper of an egg! The majority of our eggs are at least 70 grams, often up to 80 or more and we are still getting at least 8 or 9 a day. It must be their nightly walks..... not that my husband would admit to it!


  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    I'm from NYC so I've used cups growing up, it wasn't until I went to London that I became more familiar with the metric system = )

  2. ahhh at least it didn't ask for a stick of butter..... ;)

    Love double yolkers and the colour of the yolk is testament to your fabulous TLC (and the evening walks!)

  3. I know I post as anonymous (no account), but I come here often! Soon, soon I will indroduce myself.

    I always wondered why some recipes called for cups of butter as well..
    From chemistry class, I know that 1g = 1ml.
    And usually a cup means 250ml.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Hi Jo, I was actually just reading an article about a giant egg laid by a chicken in England. Almost twice the size of yours but sadly the last the chicken laid!

  5. I swear some American recipes have nothing but packets, boxes, sticks, cans, bottles and sachets as measurements!

  6. I hate math and can't convert to save my life. When a recipe calls for a cup of butter I put one cup of water in a two-cup measurer and add enough butter to make it up to that two-cup mark.

  7. i use this site, it's very convenient.

    i also love the site because they have a conversion button on their recipes. lots of recipes there, too!

  8. Medea, that is a smart way to measure! I would have never thought of it haha. Displacement!

  9. As far as I know...

    American butter comes in sticks, and two sticks is a cup. Simple, right? Faced with such a measurement for a fabulous oatmeal banana cake (ironically posted by a NZer) I did the dirty work and managed to stuff a 200g Japanese block of butter into a cup.