Saturday, October 17, 2009


Some people talk about how some men marry their wives because they are similar to their mothers. As I look at my husband snoring away on the sofa I sometimes think that perhaps he has more things in common with my mother than I originally thought..... both my mother and my husband have a habit of watching TV with closed eyes on the sofa in the evenings. However there are a few things which are quite different between them. My mother tends to nod off during the main part of a program and wake up during each ad break - whereas my husband just snores through it all. My mother also tends to wake up when she spills a little of her now cold cup of tea on herself or her little "snorts" become bigger snorts which wake her up. My husband just snores through it all. My mother acknowledges (most of the time!) that she was actually sleeping and perhaps snorting a little at the same time whereas my husband.... was NOT sleeping at all! Hence this blog entry.... he was warned that the next time he was NOT sleeping at all I would get the camera and post an entry here. Of course he didn't wake up at all when the flash on the camera went off..... but perhaps that is because it is impossible to wake up when you are NOT actually sleeping at all! Good on you Mum for at least acknowledging your little cat naps - perhaps you could could teach Tom a thing or two.. or perhaps he could teach you how to NOT sleep with your eyes closed and huge snores coming out of your mouth!


  1. ohhhh you are brave! K would kill me if I posted a picture of him not sleeping like that- and trust me plenty of opportunities here, too....

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    haha..... YOU ARE BRAVE... I don't think I am anything like my MIL, she is reserved, quiet... OVERLY polite.. you ALL know that is not me! lol

  3. Of course he's not sleeping! He's just thinking deeply. Everyone knows you need more oxygen when you are doing that....

  4. Anonymous12:24 PM

    From one of those mentioned (!! thanks Jo), there is a great service now offered by Sky TV. If a person just happens to blink during the crucial last 5 minutes (or up to an hour) of a programme, one can just rewind (on 'live' TV on the channel being watched) and fill in the missing bits. A great comfort to those who may occasionally doze. And the ads one may have actually watched can be fast forwarded through.

  5. Keiko8:50 AM


  6. hahahahaa my hubby would kill me if I put a picture like that on my blog!