Saturday, October 31, 2009


Like many countries Japanese businesses know a good thing when they see it and Halloween goods, foods etc. have really taken off in the last few years. The 100 yen shop is stacked full of costume items, decorations etc., the cake shops are full of Halloween themed cakes and the supermarkets have displays of food with Halloween themes. Today we got to take part in two different Halloween events. The first was a Halloween party complete with a trick or treating walk. It was run by a Canadian friend for his English school students and was a lot of fun. The community got involved by handing out the candy etc. and the kids all had a great time.
The second Halloween event for the day was at the flower shop where the children were able to make a Halloween flower arrangement for free if they were in costume. My son wasn't in costume but was given a cape and wig and managed to pose long enough for a photo before ripping it off. When we arrived there was a group of older women in wonderful costumes having a great time. They have no idea what Halloween is all about, but it didn't seem to be very important. Good to see people having a great time!


  1. wow- two Halloween events for your kids. I love that your son didn't want to costume up but is beaming holding his creation! Kids, hey?

  2. Hi JO,

    I bookmarked your blog and put a link to it on my site because I really enjoy reading your posts. Halloween looks like it was fun! Your children are very cute!

  3. Anonymous3:08 PM

    The community center is really nice...... I'm still hung over from last night and still running the dishwasher... lol