Monday, March 05, 2012

National road

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Erika asked me a question about the power pole in the middle of the garden and whether we get any compensation for having it there. In short... no we don't get any compensation because in actual fact that strip of land (shown roughly in between the red lines in the photos) is actually a national road. That's right - it is a road owned by the government.... but maintained by the city..... It is a really frustrating thing for me as every time I want to do anything in this area, like plant a tree, build a pizza oven etc. I get told by my husband that we can't do anything there as it is a national road.....I'm sure no one else knows or cares that it is a national road, but my husband is a civil servant and as such feels the need to follow every rule in the book and lots of rules that aren't in any books. Apparently we can buy this national road, but we have to wait for the right timing. I've asked what the right timing is, but get a mumble in response. In the meantime I'm pretending I have no knowledge of the fact that we have not only a big ugly power pole in our garden, but that I am doing major road works every time I touch the garden there.
And where does this national road lead to? Why to the stream of course... I just don't understand!


  1. Can't wait to visit the red lined section of your property!! Will the red lines still be there next month?

  2. LOL. That's priceless, and a few ruder obscenities. How absolutely infuriating!! How very Japan :)