Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring is in the air....

When I decided that it was time to redecorate the living room area we also decided to get the toilet re-papered - basically because it was horrible and grimy.... like most of the house! The decorating man agreed that it desperately needed doing and that it wouldn't cost much - and he was right. To do all the toilet walls as well as replace the lino floor it was only around 15,000 yen, which considering it took the poor man almost all day to do I thought was very reasonable. The decorating man (I've got to think of a more exciting name for him....) admitted that he gets their toilet re-papered every couple of years just for a change and also because it is not a great place to clean all the time. We both agreed that although we will hold back a little more in the living area, the toilet could be a fun place to play with a bolder theme so we went all out and went with a spring theme.... birds in trees. The kids keep wandering into it and saying they think they are at a hotel and that it is no longer our home - in a nice way!
We also got them to replace the lino in the bathroom which was slowly rotting away and again they did it cheaply - and this time with lots of entertainment for me. I was in the kitchen listening to the guy talking to himself (he did this all day long) - the majority of the "conversations" went like this..... "Now this is a problem." "Mmmm.... not sure what to do about this" and "This really is a problem". Somehow the problems seemed to disappear though and he did a good job - I apologised for choosing a paper that required matching up trees, birds etc. and he laughed and said that he really enjoyed doing it. I guess after papering so many white or cream Japanese walls a bit of colour would make your life a bit more exciting!
The living room was also supposed to be done today, but... of course the paper I wanted is not in stock right now so we need to wait another week. Nothing like dragging it out!

A-chan - regarding our doors - we got a special suction kind of double glass that they can put into the frames that we already have. It seems to be making a difference - there seem to be a number of different options available now that don't involved having 2 sets of doors!



  1. VERY nice! You wouldn't want that paper in a bedroom, where you'd end up lying there counting birds all night, but it's just right in a toilet! Really good!

  2. I love it! I think the bathroom came out really beautiful.

  3. keiko2:48 PM