Thursday, March 01, 2012

Egg Vending Machine

Now that we have no chickens we have to actually buy our eggs and I admit the first time I had to I was a little sad... I worry quite a lot about the really cheap eggs in the supermarket and so prefer to buy from somewhere local where I know how the chickens are being treated. Fortunately I have found a great place just across the road from where the children go swimming that sells eggs directly to the public. You can see their sheds (although you can't actually see inside so I can't vouch for the size of their cages...) and the best thing is that the eggs are sold from vending machines so you they don't have to have someone there all the time and therefore the price is pretty reasonable. Gotta love Japan and their vending machine fetishes!


  1. Agree with everything you said. The egg vending machines are really cool. We also have them around where we live in our area as well. The 2 closest places (in our town) are 1 is a road side stand and 1 is an egg truck (no one in there) and you pay, on an honor system, both places. But we also have the ones like you pictured as well, but they’re a bit farther, near Noah’s yochien type area. Buying farm fresh eggs so delicious, you really can tell a difference. Also like you said and I agree 100% the freshness of the eggs is just so much better then buying from a regular supermarket. If I get some free time, I’ll take some pics of the egg places in our area, to share and hopefully get around to posting them. These are the kinds of posts that I love reading the most.

    Sorry one last thing, this post reminded me of, your little escape artist chicken. Sniff sniff. I can’t wait for you to get some new ones. And I can get to see if any of them, have any interesting personalities. ; )

  2. I have visions of pressing the button and having a stream of eggs do some sort of marble roll down to the bottom and popping out a hole... Fantastic!

  3. Sybille3:45 AM

    I am always amazed by the variety of vending machines and the goods they offer.
    Here is one for you, I think: