Sunday, March 11, 2012

One year on and another concert

Today was my daughter's annual piano concert. The teacher was initially worried about holding it today as today was the one year remembrance of the life changing earthquake and tsunami. I think she made the right to decision to go on with the concert and there were some great songs played in memory of those effected and we were all able to have a moment's silence together at 2:46pm - the time earthquake struck.
I have been avoiding watching too much TV today. It is really hard to know whether we should be focusing on what happened, focusing on how much has already been achieved, or focusing on how much more still needs to be done. A bit of everything really.

Anyway, here are the video's of Emily's concert today for anyone interested. She said she wants to turn back time and redo the second one, but unfortunately she will need to wait till next year! Apologies for the slightly wobbly shots... we had tripod issues!

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  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Congratulations Emily!!!!

    WE just saw your piano concert!!! It is absolutely great!! We all loved your performance! Continue like that!!!


    Birgit, Paul, Peter and Rosa