Friday, July 21, 2006


The thing I have been most anxious about our new "guest house" is the colours I chose for the different rooms. Here in Japan there is very little use of colours in houses - occasionally you will see some green rooms, but in general everything is cream - cream walls and cream ceilings. Anyway, in some brave (or possibly stupid....) moment I decided that I didn't want all the walls cream and opted for quite strong colours throughout the house. However, after chosing I've thought many times about calling up and changing them to the safe "cream", but never quite got around to it. So today was the first test when we waited until after 7pm (yes the paper-man is working overtime right now) and went upstairs to check out the upstairs rooms which were finished today (well there is still the carpet to be laid....). The result seems to be better than I hoped. I chose one feature wall colour for each room upstairs and they both seem to have worked out okay. Even Tom came back saying "they look really good" - I think he is as anxious as I am as he left it completely to me to chose them.
The photos were taken at dusk with no lighting so they are not the exact colours, but pretty close. Don't forget to state your colour preference when you book - keeping in mind the green room is a little bigger than the yellow one!
Check in tomorrow to hopefully see the kitchen, bathroom and living room colours - or maybe next week!

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