Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rhubarb or Hostas?

As you may have guessed, this year there has been record rainfall here in Japan. All around the country there are stories of landslides, houses collapsing etc., so although we are feeling a little "soggy" here right now we are also feeling very lucky that nothing drastic has happened. Due to the continual rain the garden updates have been a little fewer than I had hoped, but I think the rainy season officially finished today (with a pretty dramatic thunderstorm....) so hopefully from now there should be some more progress in the garden. The rain has made it clear about one thing - hostas love rain and rhubarb doesn't - as the photos show! Last year my hostas struggled to even appear, but this year they seem to be loving the rain and multiplying all over the place. The rhubarb however is another story - two out of three plants have now rotted away and the other is on its last legs too. I'm thinking of trying it in the tunnel house next year - it can't be worse!

The best thing that happened today was that the scafolding was finally removed (sorry the photo was taken in the middle of the thunder storm). That means the steps to the front door can now be completed and the final touches made. I chose all the light fittings etc. yesterday so things really seem to be coming to an end (or a start!). The oven and kitchen benches were also put in today so now we are just waiting on the toilet and bathroom sink. The children are convinced that they will be the first into the new shower!

A different view of the lounge - the colour looks a little lighter in real life!

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