Friday, July 28, 2006

Japanese Organic Farmer's Enemy....

One of the things that "organic" farmers usually battle with are bugs. As you may have noticed in the earlier blogs there are definately no shortage of them around my "farm", but we also have another problem. Our house was built in a rice field (literally) and is still surrounded by rice fields on all sides. The main problem with rice farming in this generation is that it is not profitable enough to do as your main source of income and therefore people do it as a "side job", trying to spend as little time doing it as possible.

One of the "inventions" that has helped to save time is the spraying helicopter. Within a few minutes the whole rice field is sprayed via a remote controlled helicopter..... unfortunately it is not all that is sprayed! Despite the fact that they always do it on calm evenings, the spray still goes all over the surrounding fields, making true "organic" farming impossible unless you own all the surrounding fields for miles around. Oh well, I guess I will just have to expand my farming to cover all the surrounding area.... but maybe I should get my one field under control first!

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