Friday, July 07, 2006

Inside the house...

Today I came to two amazing conclusions. Number One - even if the sun is finally shining after three weeks of continual rain the garden is too muddy to do more than look at from a distance (a typhoon is forecast for the weekend so chances of it drying out in the next few days are not incredibly high...).
Number two - it is very difficult to take pictures that give you any idea of what the inside of our "guest house" is really like. The flooring was put down today and one of my stained glass windows was also fitted - my friend made it for me and is also making four windows for the upstairs room - all with a NZ theme. This one can be seen from the living room and the kitchen.
Anyway, here are a couple of photos that may give you an idea of what stage things are at inside the house, or then again maybe they won't - either way it is better than writing about the weather again!

Living Room - looking towards the front door. Plenty of windows for light and ventilation - sorry no air conditioning is being planned!

The stairs - directly opposite the front door. Very easy climbing - unlike the original plans where they were more like a ladder.....

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  1. The Brother2:49 AM

    All looking good, but that window looks fantastic! Make sure you show us the rest of them!