Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stop, start, stop, start....

We had a three-day weekend this weekend and I had to go away for all of it to run an outdoor education program in Yamaguchi prefecture. I assumed that while I was away there would be no real progress on the guest house (it being a holiday and all), but when I came back the outside was completely painted, the stairs varnished and the walls half prepared for the wallpaper. From what Tom told me they were being given a hurry-along by the site manager so that it would be finished within the time that they promised us. Great I thought - at this rate it should be finished in a few weeks...... and then of course no one appeared for 3 days and progress seems to be halted again due to rain. Maybe another month and we might be finally there!
On a better note another stained glass window has been put in - the first of the NZ theme ones. This one has been made like a "sandwich" and therefore there are three layers of glass and no lead at all. It looks great from both the stairs and the inside of the bedroom.
My "peaceful place" is also taking shape. The benefit of working with a company that is small is that we can keep making changes as we go and I think this one is the best of them all. This is "my" window seat where I (or I guess I will allow others to sit there too....) can sit and read my book after a hard day slaving over the hot steaming jam jars. Speaking of which, here is my current collection. There is a local festival at the end of the month and they have asked if they can sell my jams there as a representative "local product". Now I just need to get around to making a few more and really start to promote them properly. Tom is working on a web site and hopefuly after the summer I will be able to concentrate fully on them. That's the plan anyway......

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