Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another busy weekend

Thank goodness for Sunday! We had another crazy week here which was topped off with 4 guests on Friday night and 10 ladies here for a baking experience on Saturday. All the guests live in a town reasonably close to here and are doing the same kind of thing that we are doing in their own homes. They were studying how other people are doing it to get some hints for themselves. Of course we also got some hints from them too!
Although it had been a busy week I think the whole thing went really well and it confirmed that we are moving in the right direction. There was a lot of praise and also a lot of comments that what we are providing is an experience that no one else could replicate. Exactly what we are aiming for! There were even some who felt like they really had gone to another country and wondered if they needed their passports!
I have been playing with the idea of selling some basic ingredients that I use in the baking experiences (NZ brown sugar, spices etc.) and yesterday's class also confirmed that that may be a very good thing to look into. Just by chance my order for chelsea brown sugar arrived while the class was in progress and all six bags were snapped up by participants.... now I need to order some more for myself! Any ideas of items, ways to buy them cheaply etc. are more than welcome! Of course there was also plenty of jam sold so all in all a good weekend.
Last night the Cottage also had one more guest... me! I needed a very solid night's sleep after a hectic week and it was perfect.......

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  1. Sorry, you will have another busy weekend next week!!
    About 10 people will come for the Ohina Party.
    Let's enjoy !!!!!