Saturday, February 17, 2007

My new shadow

I've spent the afternoon being followed and the evening being interviewed.... The kids have had a great time trying to steal the spotlight. Emily walks up to the camera lens and pulls a face at it as often as she can saying "put me on TV"... Masaki kicks his soccer ball and sends the milk jug and freshly poured coffee flying all over the floor and windows.... fortunately the tape was running so we don't have to try and get him to aim that well again! Emily then proceeds to tell everyone that Masaki currently has no pants on (he fell over in the rain while pulling out a carrot and couldn't be bothered going to get new pants from upstairs...)
The lady who is here with us now (well actually in Kiora Cottage) is here to check us out and take footage on which they can base a program about us. After she takes the footage back to Tokyo a final decision will be made as to whether we are worthy specimens and then we will have to be filmed for about 3 consecutive days, I will need to make a special New Zealand dinner for a group of guests (who fortunately I get to invite) and then we will need to go to Tokyo to the studio there to be part of a "children's special".
I'm not exactly sure what is in it for us yet.... but I did see some earlier episodes of the program in question and it is definately not a standard "let's make fun of the foreigner" kind of program. A small relief at this stage. I'll keep you posted as to whether we get to feature on TV or not as soon as we find out....

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  1. Mickey12:07 PM

    Do you appear on TV ?!
    It is so wonderful!!

    P.S. Dear Emily, thank you for message about your pet to me!