Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Spring in February

This time last year I am pretty sure we were huddled around the fire most days trying to keep warm. February is in general the coldest month of the year here... and if that is the case then I am definately not looking forward to August - the hottest month! We have been having temperatures up to 20 degrees most days lately and the garden is definately thinking it is spring. I discovered the first crocuses today and the manuka is heading towards full bloom too.
Of course the chamomile is also flowering - mind you I think it has been flowering for almost a year now... I love self-seeding plants!

On a completely different note we had a Tokyo television company call us yesterday and talk to us for about 40 minutes - it looks like we may make it on to the Tokyo program "My wife is a foreigner". Nothing has been decided yet, but they seem keen on focusing on the problems we have had with choosing my daughter's school (the school she is supposed to be going to has no other children in her class), but as long as they also put in a little bit about Kiora Cottage I am more than willing to help them out! I have no idea how they knew about us, but free advertising is always a good thing!

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  1. Oh!! Ok, I will give you free advertising on my blog!
    Not many people look at it, though...

    Can I use some photo from you blog or could you send me if you have any particular ones.