Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blog Mania?

It seems like the whole world is "blogging" now. So just to keep up with everyone my daughter has now started her own blog too. She loves to draw, so the idea is that she will draw a picture each day (maybe....) and then she will write a sentence about her picture in English to practice her writing skills. Hopefully this will motivate her and help me teach her English here in Japan. It would be great if you could give her encouragement! The first picture is already on - but no time for writing this morning so we resorted to Mum typing!
The address is :

Tonight we have a member of the TV company coming to stay.... she called yesterday and asked if she could come and stay tonight and have a look around tomorrow.... I guess the program might actually happen after all!

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  1. Mickey10:49 AM

    Hi, Emily.
    Your painting seems to be always pleasant.
    Please go for it.
    well, Could you tell me about the pet which is next to you in a picture?