Friday, February 23, 2007

First day at school

My daughter went to her new school for the first time today. She doesn't actually start until April 12th (more about that big event a little closer to the time.....), but today all the new children went to school and were entertained by the current first grade students for about an hour. They did a great job of telling the new children all about the exciting things they will do during their first year, playing "shops" with them and finally giving each new student a wonderful present. The present was a packet of morning glory seeds, which they had grown themselves and kept the seeds to give to the new children. I thought it was a great idea - maybe I should steal it to give people a gift as they leave Kiora Cottage!
Emily was a little overwhelmed by it all - there will only be 11 in her class, but she doesn't know anyone and so is a little nervous about how she will make friends etc. She spent a few minutes crying, a few more minutes on my knee and the majority of the time holding my hand. I'm sure she will make friends quickly, but I'm not sure if the day made her more or less keen to start school.....

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