Monday, June 30, 2008

Days away from the garden

A combination of lots of rain and other things to do has meant that I haven't spent very much time in the garden recently. That in turn has led to some pretty big vegetables! It is hard to give you a true indication of the size of the vegetables, but the bottom cucumber is a standard sized cucumber.... that should give you some indication of the size of the other one.
At least the rain seems to have stopped for a few days now and my "work" schedule doesn't look too busy for the next month so hopefully a few more weeds can be removed before they take over the entire garden. Any helpers welcome!
I've discovered the best time of day to get out and pull a few weeds is the end of the day. Just as the sun is going down it is nice and cool and the light is wonderful. Now if the bugs didn't also think that it was the perfect time of the day to come out it might be absolutely perfect! Thanks Tom for this photo.....

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