Monday, June 09, 2008

Hello Kitty

This weekend we managed to get away from the garden and the "guest house" business for a day and I joined the children on the annual kindergarten outing to the home of "Hello Kitty". It is a small theme park near our house called "Harmony Land" and after going there for 3 years in a row the fun is starting to wear off! But, I smiled all day, got dizzy on the silly rides and of course shook Hello Kitty's hand.
I have also included a photo of my son with some of his classmates. Yes, he is tall for his age!

I have decided to look for the positive in everything this year. So, despite the fact that our chicken garden still has no signs of a chicken house, let alone chickens, I decided this is a good thing as it will give me a chance to establish a few little garden bits before the chickens come in and destroy all the little seedlings. Actually I was forced into doing it by the fact that a friend who owns a flower shop dropped off lots and lots of rose bushes, hydrangeas, flowers, miniature apple trees etc. that she doesn't need the other day and they all need to find a home somewhere. Of course the rainy season is also approaching so any spare time I have I really need to get into the garden.... I managed to make two new round gardens today despite it being about 30 degrees.
The biggest excitement was that while I was doing it a big swarm of bees flew all around me. Unfortunately I couldn't work out where they went so I couldn't catch them, but I'm sure there will be more opportunities.

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