Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Giggling girls

After two days with incredibly giggly girls I am starting to think that my desire to have a break from groups of boys was a little premature.... As lovely as the 4 girls that are staying now are, they all think they are going to be the next big star comedian and are always coming out with jokes that I cannot understand at all. Add to that the fact that it has rained for the last 2 days and you get a recipe for tiredness on my part! They did do a good job in the tunnel house today though and managed to prepare a very small watermelon patch. It may have taken all four of them to do so, but they even managed to get the straw in a wheelbarrow too.
The sun came out long enough this afternoon for a barbeque and tonight they couldn't stop talking about how much fun they have had and how the stay has been so short. Of course I kept smiling and nodding while thinking about how far away 1pm tomorrow seems right now!

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