Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Good bye and hello

Not only did I ensure that the students staying tidied up their mess this time, but I also gave them the new sheets to change the bed and the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the floor! This was because while I was taking them to the official farewell ceremony my guests for tonight were letting themselves in.... a busy day! I finished the day with the junior high school girls with a trip to Usa Shrine, some picking of onions, a little garden of herbs to take home with them and another quick hoon on the little white truck. They all said they were going to hide so they didn't have to go home. I ensured they were found and delivered on time to their awaiting bus!
Tonight we have our biking friend back with 2 more guests, only this time Joe is in a bit of a bad state. He rode into a pole that was in the middle of a footpath yesterday (which is where all good poles should be!) and not only fractured two ribs and his big toe, but also dislocated and broke his collar bone. Fortunately he was conscious enough to make a phone call for help, but unfortunately he was in an area with no cell phone coverage. Being the brave boy that he is he jumped back on the bike with his 2 guests in tow and biked for about an hour to where they were staying that night. Today he spent the day at the hospital while his girl friend took over the guiding for the day.
Fortunately his guests are really great people (and are both pharmacists with medical training) and it has been a refreshing change of conversation from the giggling girls I dropped of this afternoon! Now if I could just get myself prepared for my horrible primary school classes tomorrow I might be able to get some sleep tonight.

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