Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

There are some things which seem to be celebrated all over the world and Father's day is one of them. Although it is celebrated in September in New Zealand, here in Japan it is always the third Sunday of June - ie today. The shops go mad trying to convince everyone that all fathers need a polo-shirt, and the barbeque meat restaurants are usually packed with children trying to encourage their fathers into an early grave with all the excessively fatty meat. My husband requested sushi for tea and as it was pouring down all day I couldn't face the shops so just made do with what we had at home and made a sushi cake. My son decided that it needed to be decorated with more than just shredded egg and convinced me that crumbed shrimps didn't make it look like something just landed from Mars....
Unfortunately my husband didn't actually get to eat it with us as he was busy till dark trying to get the rice fields ready for planting, but he did get to eat it quietly by himself after the children had gone to bed. Perhaps that was the best Father's day present!

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