Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rice planting

Rice planting is timed to be done during the rainy season which means our family timed it absolutely perfectly this year! Today was the first of two days of planting and it poured down all day (as in torrential rain, not just showers!). This didn't stop us all from getting out into the mud to plant the parts that the machine had missed. It was my first time to really get into the fields and do it, and although it was fun for the first few rows, the novelty definitely wore off quickly and I was more than happy to retire early to throw the children into the shower at about 3:30pm!
Here's hoping the weather improves a little tomorrow so we can get some better photos and get some of today's wet clothes dried....
Oh - I also learnt a good lesson today - although the specialist "shoes" look like they will protect you a little from the sludge, the slight problem of getting them off is just not worth it! Tomorrow I will definitely be going for bare feet!

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