Saturday, October 11, 2008

100km journey

This afternoon my husband set out on a journey - a 100km journey - a 100km journey on foot - a nonstop 100km journey - a nonstop 100km journey on foot through the night.
Fortunately he is not alone. In fact there are over 2,500 people participating in this annual event which sees them walk all the way from Yukuhashi to Beppu - a total of 100km (bet you didn't guess that!). He has wanted to do it for a few years now, but has always had work on that day. So today he finally managed to do it (well actually he is still walking right now so I guess I can only say that he has finally managed to start it). He is equipped with every kind of thing imaginable to help him in his quest - little containers with separators for chunks of sugar, origami salt holders, fancy water bags, very stylish Lycra clothing etc. Here's hoping it all aids him enough to get him to the finish line.
Tonight we also have some more guests - a really nice family from Germany. Again they are hiking and biking - too much energy for me!
Tomorrow is going to be a huge day.... sports day in one place, marching in a different place, English lesson - oh and of course I get to make the stupid lunch box all over again... at the same time as making the guests' breakfast! If I'm still alive by tomorrow night I'll tell you how it went. If I'm not still alive you can blame it on the door .....

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  1. Hi Joanne,
    preparing a trip to Kyushu with friends from Germany I came across your nice and interesting blog - started reading ... and suddenly I noticed: that's where we have been staying with Joe. So I looked in October 2008 and indeed. I am glad, you managed to survive this strenuous day.
    Thank you once again for the nice stay in your cottage.