Saturday, October 04, 2008

What would you do?

Today was my daughter's eighth birthday. We celebrated with make your own sushi and a pretty poor excuse for a cake. Not that she was complaining... in fact she had no idea I had made it so her eyes just about burst out of her head when she saw the candles. Today she had to go to school (yes I know it is Saturday, but they needed to prepare for the sports day) so she got a hand made lunch, with a surprise birthday card in it. The joys of having children! We are having her party on the 13th, hence the pretty poor effort today!
Right now I am in a very big dilemma. Tomorrow is the big school sports day (for anyone new to the blog please check out last year's here: Sports Day 2007). Despite the fact that we all went this afternoon to help put up the tents the weather forecast has changed significantly and there is now a 100% chance of reasonably heavy rain from the morning - according to one weather station and a 90% chance of rain from the afternoon according to another. If the first one is correct then the chance of the sports day being postponed is pretty high. If the second one is correct then the chances of it being postponed are pretty low. So... do I wake up at 5am to make the stupid lunch box, or do I take my chances and sleep till 7am then if it is actually on race to the convenience store, buy 5 lunch boxes and take all the bits out of them and put them in one of my own boxes and pretend I was up all morning making it? It doesn't help that there are guests staying tomorrow night too, so I should be getting organised for them too. I think I'll have another cup of tea and ignore everything for a bit - avoidance is a great thing!

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