Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend update

Another weekend has disappeared! I was woken on Sunday morning by my husband's uncle who decided he was going to make me a fence for the top garden. After being quoted thousands of dollars by another company I jumped at the chance to use some free materials that he had lying around work and the end result is that we now have a fence! It is a bit taller than I had originally imagined, but it means I will be able to grow some tall things against it without having them grow all over the street - like they have been until now! Another job ticked off the list.
The next job for the weekend was to dig up some more sweet potatoes and the kids kept demanding I make them sticky cake things with them so I became somewhat of an expert. I grew purple and orange ones this year so they look very "pretty"... if you like sticky sweet potato cakes!
While I was doing all that my daughter had a morning at school making an "eco bag". A special calligraphy teacher came and they were encouraged to write their favorite Chinese character on the bags. I sent my husband along in my place.... drawing pictures and writing Japanese is not exactly one of my strong points!
Rice harvesting also started yesterday, but I forgot to take any photos.... maybe tomorrow!

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