Friday, October 17, 2008

International Relations

Anyone who read this entry's title and who also reads Katy's blog don't get excited... I am not talking about the same international relations that she does! Our international relations were a lot less exciting, but interesting all the same. Last night we had a group of 4 people come to stay who are studying the Japanese movement called "one product, one village" which is where each town supposedly works together to produce one product (like mandarins, mushrooms, beef etc.) really well. It is working in some areas, but not so well in others as they are discovering.
Anyway, the group that stayed with us included a mayor from the Philippines, and city workers from Laos, Thailand and Indonesia. Although they didn't arrive till after 7pm and left before 8am it was still interesting to talk with them about the differences between their countries and Japan - although the children had a bit of a hard time understanding their English....
Everything seems to be calculated in terms of Dad's trip here at the moment - so in those terms this was the last group of guests before he arrives next week. Right now I'm off to do some kindy teaching and then to a different kindergarten for meetings all afternoon.... the last before Dad comes!

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