Saturday, May 09, 2009

Changed man and anxious night

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will be familiar with the fact that my husband tends to take a long time to make decisions and actually DO anything. Today however things were different and he decided that we should get a few more chickens... what better thing to do on a Saturday afternoon! The only problem was that he had meetings all afternoon and therefore we had to rush to the chicken farm just before they closed at 5pm to pick up our 5 new beautiful white chickens. Of course we then spent the next couple of hours keeping the two different kinds of chickens from terrorising each other - my daughter ran away screaming every time they even got close to each other. In the beginning they were just a bit weary of each other and then it turned into "our group is better than your group" kind of playing around so we put the new ones into the house where they settled quietly into the corner and stayed there until the original brown ones came in to go to bed. They were okay when we left them at 8pm, but I think we are going to get up extra early and let them all out before they start to get too "friendly" again!
My children kept translating what the chickens were saying for me, which put my mind at ease. Apparently the white chickens had told the brown chickens that they were welcome to come and sleep in the same house and that they wanted to become friends - which is why they all went in together at night time. Here's hoping the friendly conversations continue tomorrow!
We also got a new door made for the chicken house during the week so we no longer have to slide through the net and secure it with clothes pegs (and catch the chickens that have snuck out through the gaps during the day!


  1. today we went to our farming lecture. i had the two little ones in the double stroller so i could take them for a...stroll...when they got bored. we could hear chickens (rooster) so i walked them over to where the noises were coming from. however, the hen house seems to be back behind a grove of bamboo and there was a nasty puddle on the road leading up to is, so we didn't see the chickens (and ducks, i heard ducks, too.)

    all day i heard, 'i want to see CHICKENS' from sasha. *sigh* even though we saw ducklings and goslings, all i heard about was how she DIDN'T see the chickens. that's when i thought maybe it's a good time to maybe make a trip out to oita.... lol

    we could have taken a (day old) gosling home today. i put my foot down, though.

  2. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I have to honestly say I know "nothing" about gardening, farming, I do remember jumping into a haystack at a family members farms.... I don't think I've ever come close to a live chicken before-- how do you find the time to do all of this.. oh goodness.

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  5. Now you're an agent for racial integration? ;P

    Good luck with the settling in period. Ours took a while to sort out a pecking order but after that they were fine. Funny it ended up a real mix of brown and white, too!