Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where do we live?

A few people have been asking where exactly I live in Japan - so I have finally worked out how to mark it on google maps and send the link... I think! If you click on the link below hopefully it should come up with a blue marker that says "Kiora Cottage". If you zoom right in you will be able to see the exact plan of our house and garage (but no cottage... it was obviously mapped before it was built). As you can see by the lack of buildings around us we live in the middle of rice fields! The "satellite" and "terrain" maps are also interesting, but living so far in the countryside the google earth maps are pretty hopeless!

View Kiora Cottage in a larger map
Anyway, nothing else interesting to write about today... unless you want to hear about my new weekly English class at an after school program. Discussed age range - primary school year 1 to 3. Actual age range 3 years old to primary school year 4. Discussed number in group - 10. Actual number in group 17. Of course I wasn't informed of the changes before I turned up for the class today.... fun, fun, fun!

Yamaga Town, Our house!


  1. Now that I know where you live I can stalk you for gingernuts

  2. Ohhh I feel for you on the class. I taught something similar and had mums really expecting their 4yp and 9yo would be able to study together.... AGGGHHHH!!

    And thanks for the googlemap. Looks beautiful around you. You live so close to the onsen- lucky! And is Asuka udon the famous one you talked about? I'm intrigued at how an udon shop made googlemaps...

  3. Rachel: I wish we had gingernuts! I guess I could always make some....

    thefukases: it is funny that the two places on the map you mentioned are not actually operating anymore! The onsen building was half burnt out about 10 years ago and is no longer in operation and the udon shop is also out of operation due to its terrible location! I also have no idea how they made it onto the map...

  4. I think you live in a really beautiful place Jo! : ) Have a wonderful weekend. : )

  5. Is that white concrete building on the corner where you turn - was that the onsen?? Always wondered what that was.

    Good luck with the English class. That's gotta be one to look forward to... The money you get from that might have to go directly into wine fund so can drink to recover!!