Friday, May 08, 2009

Children's Day

May 5th is "Children's day" in Japan and so we decided to spend at least the morning doing things the children really wanted to do. The only thing they could really think of was to go and play "ground golf" again... for anyone who doesn't know this game it is a cross between golf and croquet. Big balls, short course. No one won any prizes for style, but it was fun to smash the ball out of bounds on basically every shot! As it had been raining the night before there were also some of Japan's wonderful worms out for a wander.... the yellow ball is about the same size as a tennis ball - so yes, the worm is big! My most exciting moment was when I got the ball in the hole and went to get it out only to have a frog jump out first. It must have been enjoying the small "pond" in the cup.
After our exciting golf game we did what a lot of Japanese people do... collected water. There are so many places here where people stop on the side of the road to collect "very clear, fresh water" which is pouring out of the rocks etc. Usually my husband is the chief collector but this time my children helped too. Of course I assisted by taking photos!
A trip to the park and the day was done. Back to reality... the chicken house door - another story for another day!


  1. I've not seen any worms like that yet. Come to think of it, I haven't seen many worms at all!

  2. I have played "ground golf" several times as a recreational activity of my office. As you know, it does not require any trained skill, so anyone can play it. And, recently, elder people in Japan have become to play it more than "gate ball".

    I collected "clear, fresh water" in Yamaga area when I stayed at "Aiyama-no-satoya"(秋山の里家)two year ago.

  3. Anonymous9:12 AM

    This is so awesome! I love your photos. You have been really busy with the chickens and gardens. Hope you are loving Japan. Keep us posted!