Friday, May 01, 2009

I did it!

I was so proud of myself today. I had my whole day planned out before I got out of bed. After everyone had left for school/work I would tidy up inside and then spend the entire morning planting out all my seedlings etc. into the few spaces that are left in the vegetable garden. Before picking the children up from school at 4pm I would spend all my afternoon in my green house preparing the ground to plant all my extra seedlings that wouldn't fit in the garden. I had confirmed with my husband that there would be no progress on the chicken house roof today as he had called his father and told him he would help with it tomorrow so not to do it today. I should no better... never make plans... never believe what you are told!
By 9:30am I had cut down half a bamboo forest so I could make some supports for my tomatoes and cucumbers and was starting to put them up when I got a call on my mobile phone (I always have it in my pocket in case the school rings to tell me the kids have been taken to hospital or something less dramatic) from my mother-in-law (who was 100m up the road) to say that they were preparing the plastic to put on the roof and that I should come and help. My first proud moment - I didn't stomp my feet and yell and scream I just said... "sorry, I am planting my tomatoes and when I am finished I will come." I mucked about long enough for them to finish getting the plastic ready and then went and helped put the plastic on the frame. I still don't know why the plans were changed and I couldn't be bothered asking. I found a much more fun way to deal with the situation. I remembered that my father-in-law is pretty deaf and therefore I can talk away and he doesn't have any idea that I am saying anything. So I talked constantly in English about what was annoying me and making very witty comments about him the entire time I was helping. He had no idea I was doing it and I had so much fun!
My afternoon gardening was also put off till tomorrow because my mother-in-law made some random comment about my monster passion fruit in the green house and that if I didn't cut it back a bit it would cause a lot of problems in a typhoon. I really have no idea what she was saying as the passion fruit is completely inside the tunnel house, but sometimes her logic is a little strange! Rather than have her cut it down completely I spent most of the afternoon tying up the net and cutting it back enough to save us all in a typhoon... talking to myself all the time!


  1. The roof on the hen house? I don't get it... I thought you were talking about a roof on their perch area but you've already got that... With a roof over their run it will dry out and be difficult for them to scratch won't it?? Did your ILs have a spare green house they didn't know what to do with or something? ;P

    Passionfruit? Jealous!

  2. thefukases: yes... a roof over their entire run in order to keep the poos from stray birds out to prevent bird flu. I don't get it either and am just waiting for the problems to start! They did have a spare green house, which at least meant we didn't have to spend any money..... but now just have a big ugly thing in our back garden! Passionfruit - yes! And despite all the comments from MIL that I should get rid of it (she has no idea what it is) I refuse!

  3. I was getting worried when I saw the photo because we don't have a roof for our (coming-soon) chickens and certainly don't want one because we don't want one blocking our view either, so but I am comforted by you last comment. Never thought about bird-flu, however.

    We won't even have a net cover - just a fenced enclosure and hope that one day we wont even need that. (a bit worried about crows though). Of course at night we will lock them in the house to keep animals away.

  4. Hi Kevin,
    My big plan was to have the chickens running all around the garden -eating my weeds and providing great fertiliser. Unfortunately we have quite a few chicken farms very close to us though that have warned us that we really need to put proper roofing etc. over the entire run in order to prevent the spread of bird flu which would close down their chicken farm businesses (not a bad thing in my view... the closing down, not bird flu!).
    Good luck with your chickens - I am looking forward to some updates on your blog soon.

  5. sfrack4:45 AM

    Wow!!! What a lot of work! I am sure you will have much success. Keep us posted.