Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday mornings

As much as I love my family, there is something so nice about Monday mornings when they all rush out the door to school and work and I am left with the humming of the fish tank and the twittering of the birds..... and a cup of coffee! I have discovered that if I retreat to the bedroom then I can also avoid seeing the piles of dishes and all the tidying up that needs to be done. I think I am going to make this my Monday morning ritual!
Yesterday afternoon my daughter and I went to an outdoor concert at a friend's house. The weather was perfect.. again... (we've been having 30 plus degrees every day lately) and it was nice to hear some different people playing some original songs etc. The main group were the children of the family and they play amazing Japanese-Irish songs. Great feet tapping stuff!
The two kinds of chickens have been separated for the time being. I got up at 5am yesterday to let them out of the house and they were already starting to test each other a bit so I built a fence half way in between their house (yes, at 5am...) and they now live reasonably happily on their own respective sides. I'll try to remember to take a photo of the new chicken house too... a very quick, but very good solution to what is hopefully their temporary separation.
I guess the dishes and tidying won't wait all day... no magic elves here yet. I hope you are all having a nice quiet start to the week too.


  1. hasn't the weather been great! warm without humidity. yay!

  2. I loved your comment so much at Hyotenka's/Vicky's that I just had to comment here personally because I had to tell you, you aren't pig headed for not wanting your MIL to pull the weeds at all. :D Although I feel pig headed sometimes regarding my own MIL so I know what you mean. : )

    And by looking around a bit I see you have chickens and live in the countryside. Very cool! I don't have any chickens but I live in the countryside and I really enjoy it. Best place to raise kids I think. I am keeping your blog bookmarked from now. Oh and...nice to meet ya! : )

  3. have the junior high kids started arriving yet? If you have any when the bunster arrives you could bring them to the clinic to show them what a foreign woman screams during labor. What education for them!!

  4. Monday morning, or Sunday evening is a little bit "blue" time to me because it marks a start of a series of working.