Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spoke too fast...

Just after I pushed the "publish post" button on the last blog entry there was a knock at the door... at 10:30 at night... by one of the girls staying.... to say that she had just thrown up.... fun, fun, fun! A glass of water and some talking and she was back to bed till 1:30am... when she came again... to say she had thrown up again... this time all over her futon, her clothes and her pillow... fun, fun, fun! Another glass of water and a new futon downstairs away from all the other girls and closer to the toilet and she was back in bed again. Fortunately that was the last time I saw her till 8am - when she seemed to be fine again. I had visions of everyone having food poisoning or everyone catching her tummy bug and the whole visit being a disaster, but as no one else was vaguely sick and she was fine for the rest of the stay I presume it was just a change of environment etc. Phew! Needless to say I was too tired last night to write a blog entry....
Yesterday we filled in the day by pulling out all the onions and preparing them for drying, cultivating the onion patch, cutting down bamboo to make supports for tomatoes, making supports for tomatoes, planting tomatoes, cutting wood, making pikelets (hot cakes), playing baseball, having a barbecue in the garage (it was raining) and last but not least having a bonfire. We had some old wood lying around so I promised them if they did a good job all day we could have a bonfire and toast marshmallows. It would have been better if I had actually bothered to look at the weather forecast first... but they were determined to do it even in the rain. So with the rain coming down we had a great time singing, dancing and toasting marshmallows then headed straight to the hot springs to warm up!
Final morning today was spent collecting eggs, making lunch, cutting more wood, making and decorating cupcakes to take home with them. We had a good time with them, but .... I will definitely sleep well tonight!


  1. Just a tad on the busy side I see then!! Hope you get a good night sleep.

    Is that a Japan-bought BBQ? It looks like a real one. From NZ?

    Going to clinic for check up on Saturday, followed by trip to Beppu to Yamada denki for washing machine. If you are home on Saturday arvo and we have time and you can be bothered we might pop in??

  2. What a night!

    And lusting over your BBQ here, too.

    You're a full month ahead of us on onions. I can't wait to pull mine (and the garlic) so I can plant more stuff!

  3. Wow, I thought I was busy with one 4 month old! Looks tiring but fun!