Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Plans

This week has been quite a quiet week for me - not much teaching or other meetings etc. so I have made the most of the wonderful weather and made some progress in the garden. Today it finally rained so I was all set to do some catching up on the computer, a bit of baking and more tidying up... but then I remembered I have a big tunnel house that needed the old plants pulled out of, the asparagus bed mulched and the out of control passion fruit vines trimmed back! So as per usual the house and computer were neglected in favor of some hard labour outside. Before I remembered my tunnel house I did manage to find most of our electricity bills for the last couple of years and mucked about making a graph of them. You can see the huge dip from August 2009 when we installed the solar panels and we have had 2 months so far when we actually made money out of the system. The price they pay us for any excess electricity we produce has now doubled and with longer days ahead hopefully the system should keep working well. It should be noted that we also changed our water heating system from kerosene to electricity when we installed the solar panels so the drop really is significant.


  1. Interesting that you haven't seemed to use that much more electricity in winter any year... The fire must work pretty well then!

  2. wow-must SHOW hubby this!!
    Maybe now he will sit up and take note!!