Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cooking to produce waste

The big push in the world at the moment seems to be to reduce waste. Today I was asked to do the exact opposite. My friend is a kitchen designer and her latest "item" is a waste disposer with mulches up food scraps and dries them so that they can be used for fertiliser or just for easy disposal. It was therefore my job to do a cooking classroom that produced lots of food scraps so she could show the participants how the machine works. She has a wonderful demonstration kitchen so it was fun to do -despite not knowing where anything was or how to use any of the ovens etc. We made spinach and tuna quiche, herbed potato salad, sweet potato and mandarin salad and pumpkin muffins. There were enough vegetable scraps leftover for her to show another 10 groups how the machine works. A great idea for people living in apartments etc., but not exactly necessary here in the countryside where you have hungry chickens and a big compost pile!

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  1. I really like those cupboards. The food you made looks nice too!