Friday, January 08, 2010


I think in order to appreciate silence you have to have noise. To this effect I am very appreciative of my children...... who have school holidays...... in which they want to play with you (not a sad thing really!)...... and in which they get bored and feel the need to fight. This morning at 7:50am the holidays for the children ended and my morning of peace and quiet began. The selfish person that I am I made the children have the house nice and tidy (I even vacuumed) last night before they went to bed so I wouldn't spend my first hour or so of freedom this morning putting away their things and doing general cleaning. I had the dishes washed, the clothes washed and hung out and the chickens fed before they left. To celebrate my free time I then did our new Wii Fit games for 30 minutes (my personal favorite right now is the skateboarding one - although it almost kills me by the end!) and now I am actually sitting at the keyboard and am going to try and reply to the zillions of e-mails that I have definitely been reading, just not responding to lately - in silence. At 10am I am determined to get into the garden (it is too cold before then!) and then at 1:45pm the silence will end again for another 3 days....
On a different note we had a really nice day yesterday with friends doing ten pin bowling - well actually the kids bowled and we watched. A great way to end the holidays - thanks Keiko, Ken and Kai!


  1. Me too!!
    and glad hubby is back to work too!

  2. I also value my quite times and get downright cranky if i don't get them!

  3. I value my quiet time too Jo.

    PS, I had you linked on my computer favorites and then when my computer crashed in the Fall or was it late Summer, never quite sure what to call September, I can call it either way ; ), I lost your link. (well lost them all : ( ) Anyway I just got your linked saved in my favorites again. And I will try to spend the next 40 minutes catching up with you. ; )