Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crumpet making

When you live in the same country for your entire life you never seem to discover that some things can actually be made from scratch rather than simply bought at the supermarket. Today I finally managed to make one of those things - crumpets! Megan had put the idea into my head the other day and since then I have been searching for the rings to make them with. Of course until I actually wanted them I have seen them in every hundred yen shop, but now that I tried to find them they were no where to be seen! After an "interesting" morning "teaching" this morning I finally found some and rushed home to mix up the batter before collecting the kids from school. The end result.... I rushed most of the stages, but they still ended up pretty good. Unfortunately because the rings are so cheap the batter sticks to them too easily (no matter how much I oil them) so getting them out becomes a bit of a problem. A little more practice and a lot more tasting is needed to make the perfect one, but a good start!
The recipe I used is.... Crumpets


  1. Ohhh I nver thought of making them either but I might try now!! They look good.

    If you buy crumpets from the supermarket you have to pan fry (yum) or toast them but if you make them do you eat them as is or toast them too???

    You could them to your guests!!

  2. Hi Achan. Crumpets are good to make in Japan as you don't need an oven! I put mine under the grill just to finish them off, but when they are just out of the frypan they are delicious just like that. I will toast them tomorrow though when I eat them for breakfast....dripping with New Zealand thyme honey... I think I'll go to bed now so the morning comes faster!

  3. I tried making crumpets a few weekends ago (maybe where megan got the idea?) and they were a completed disaster - going to give this recipe a go and see if I have better luck - YUM!

  4. Megan3:50 PM

    These definitely look better then our ones too! I'm more than happy to be the guinea pig for the next batch!

  5. i was thinking, while reading this post, what the hell is a crumpet? in america we don't say crumpet, i only ever heard the word said in a mocking british accent 'tea and crumpets'...which got me thinking about british/american english (sorry, i know you're not british)...and then i went to the link for the recipe and it says serve these crumpets with 'lashings' of jam...very nice, and something that has never passed through american lips...off to wikipedia to determine what exactly a crumpet is...looks like a muffiny cupcake to me...

  6. Wow...do you have a recipe? Although I can buy them pretty easily I'd love to have a crack at making them from scratch. I love the figure one, very cute. :) You've just given me a craving for some crumpets now!!!