Sunday, January 17, 2010

Health Marathon

Today was one of those wonderful days in winter that feel like summer has arrived. Of course tomorrow winter will return, but for today I sat at the beach and enjoyed watching other people suffer! The children wanted to enter in the "health marathon" the city was running and I had the image of a fun run where participation rather than speed was the focus (I repeat it was called a "health marathon") so I even managed to convince Nathan that he really wanted to run too .... oops! It turned out that it was actually quite serious timed event with more people out to win than out to just complete the distance - and it took forever for them to complete all the races so it was very fortunate that it was a beautiful day!
The kids ran first and both Emily and Masaki ran 1km. Masaki managed to come in first for the first grade students and has spent the rest of the afternoon and evening shining his gold medal. Emily managed to run the full 1km....and has decided that swimming is definitely her strong point - enough said! Nathan did a great job and managed the full 5km without even breaking into enough sweat to have to ring out his t-shirt. Megan, Tom and I did a great job cheering them all on....


  1. Wow, what a way to spend a Sunday!

    I love the last pictures. If you didn't say what season it was you really wouldn't know from any of them- all that sunshine and blue sky!

    And I gotta ask- what did Masaki win? K runs marathons and wins the most obscure stuff- a melon, 5kilos of rice, a box of potatoes etc etc

  2. Three cheers for the cheer squad!!! The ones with the most commonsense.

    That last photo could be anywhere in the world...

  3. Great pictures. Looks just like a warm summer day....going to go back and have a look at exactly where you live.

  4. Congratulations Masaki - Well done!

  5. Wow - I know for a fact I couldn't run 1km so good on Emily and Masaki! Masaki's long legs are obviously going to be of good use! I am actually jealous of your summery weather - apparently it is summer here, but i haven't seen the sun for weeks, and even used the heater on Saturday!!

  6. Anonymous6:17 PM

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  7. Keiko9:57 PM


  8. Congratulations Masaki, well done kiddo coming in first place! That gold medal sounds awesome.

    You know Jo, Branden will be running in the marathon this year for the first time, I think ours is in February. I never heard of it before this year. So, I'm glad I got a chance to get a sneak peek by reading your blog.