Friday, February 26, 2010

Please help me understand!

I am far too behind to catch up on all that has been happening here, so I'll just skip the last week or two and speed through to Sunday. We went to Space World with Megan and Nathan (their Christmas present to the kids) and had a great day on the roller coasters, teacups, haunted house (not such a great idea!) etc. as well as spending most of the day shaking our heads in wonder at the hundreds of people there in "Costume Play". It seems to be a huge craze here to dress up as your favorite character from a comic and parade around en masse. I watched them all day and I just don't get it! Wigs seem to be one of the key points and wearing the same kind of costumes as your friends also seems to be the thing to do. It doesn't seem to be something that they do in the main streets (well not around here anyway!) and they all arrived with their costumes in suitcases then packed them away before leaving the park. Fortunately my kids thought they looked ridiculous... hopefully they will still think the same way when they are 20 years old!


  1. No idea.... I thought that kind of thing only happened in Harajuku.....

    And in the second picture- the people standing at the far ends.... are they boys??? Dressed up in dresses? No wonder they get changed before they go home!

  2. Looks like a fun time was had! And I agree with you, about the cos play, I don't get it either Jo! : )