Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Weekend Away

My father often reads the comments on my blog and asks me "Who are thefukases?" "Who is Illahee?" etc. In this respect the blogging world is a strange one as I usually have to answer "I really don't know". On the other hand I read about their daily lives and feel like I know them better than my own family sometimes, despite having never met them in person. I feel like I have some kind of connection with them through the blogging world and enjoy keeping up to date with their lives. - even if I don't comment often enough. At times I think I have too much information about their lives... and find it difficult to meet their husband's eyes when I meet them! In the weekend I was lucky enough to actually meet up with one of the bloggers that I read daily - "Illahee" as well as "Kuri", who I had met once before and Rachel and Katy. It was strange meeting someone for the first time that you know so much about. It really didn't seem like a first meeting. It turned out to be a great "girls" weekend away - where we could cut out a lot of the small talk and talk about more interesting things because we already knew so much about each other.
Katy and I enjoyed an early happy hour then I had some fun times with baby Ryu while Katy soaked in the bath. We all went out for karaoke then shopping the next day. We didn't do anything particularly "special", but it was a great break away for a group of mothers who all deserved a day to themselves. I look forward to meeting up with them again as well as meeting some other "blogger" friends in the near future. Until then I will continue to keep up with their daily lives from a distance!


  1. None of you? Are you getting back at me for posting pic of us :)

    Ryu looks beautiful. I have been trying to get him to laugh the way he was with you but just no luck! With you he was laughing the very hard to find Hakata Inn down!!

    Definately need to congregate again sometime within the next six months - hopefully by then I will be given the OK to leave the not so baby at home.

    Of course I will be coming for night of uninterrupted sleep soooooooon. Very soon. Perhaps even this month. What's the bookings like for the shelter for pergnant women and mothers of small children?

  2. Glad to hear that you had a great time!! Here's to more weekends away for all the non stop mummys we know!!

    It is quite strange knowing a lot about people who you've never met but gee it must cut alot of the initial small talk down when you first meet!!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun too!!! I feel the same way about people that comment on my blog and whose blogs I read- I feel like I know them through their blogs/emails/facebook etc and then when I do meet them in real life it isn`t at all like meeting someone new for the first time.

    I have made many great friendships through blogging and I hope to continue to do so!

    Hope you have fun planning your next girls night out!

  4. Hi Jo's dad! I'm a very sane and normal person, I just live an odd kind of life here. :)

    So jealous you can all meet up like that! Fukuoka is one of the three places we can fly to from here though so watch out, someday I might just gatecrash a GNO...

  5. I think it's my first time to comment here but I have been reading for a while :-) I live in Yamaguchi so would love to make it to a Kyushu GNO one day! My best foreign wife friend here looks like she will be moving to Fukuoka too so it will give me an even bigger excuse to head down there.

    Love the blog!

  6. Looks like a fun girls night out and I feel the same way, with blogs I read I feel a connection. Reading all about a person's daily lives and feeling a sorta kinship there.